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Burned Out Church - Chicago, IL
Restoration Sidewalk Canopies
St. James Cathedral - Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Contractors Access Equipment's Chicago branch is an expert in furnishing pedestrian sidewalk canopies; or sidewalk bridges / sheds as they are commonly called in other parts of the country. Canopies are required per City of Chicago code to protect the sidewalk under any overhead construction project; whether it is light duty maintenance, heavy facade repair, or new construction. CAE offers various configurations of sidewalk canopies with load ratings from 150-300 lbs/sqft, to ensure that each project is furnished with the most cost effective form of pedestrian protection.

We offer a variety of canopy installation services:

  • Light Duty Rolling Canopies
  • Medium Duty Rolling or Stationary Canopies
  • Heavy Duty Canopy
  • High Clearance Canopies for Alleys or Driveways
  • Custom Parapet Walls, Debris / Splash Walls, and Enclosures
  • Concrete Encasement & Jersey Barrier options for High Traffic Areas
  • Extra Heavy Duty Configurations for Mast Climbers, Elevators, and Job Trailers
  • Hard Wired Lighting Installation
  • City of Chicago Permit Expediting

    Contractors Access Equipment is Chicago's foremost expert in sidewalk protection. Call us today at (312) 733-3497 for help with a canopy at your job site.

    Chicago is our flagship branch for canopy installation, however we offer these services through all of our branches. Although sidewalk canopies are not common in many states, they can offer an added value to a client when pedestrian safety is a top priority on their job site.

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    Burned Out Church - Chicago, IL
    Sidewalk Canopy Chicago 2
    St. James Cathedral - Chicago, IL
    Sidewalk Canopy Chicago 4
    Chicago, IL
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