Tyndall Scaffold

Commercial Supported Scaffold

Austin, Texas

Work Done

CAE provided scaffold access for all trades to close in the building and install exterior finish.

Products Used

Sprint Scaffold – “Sprint’s modular design has fewer pieces for fast installation. No bracing on inside wall surfaces and provides wide-open access to work areas. Built-in, fold-down ladders means all climbing between levels is within guardrails and walls. Snag-free frames and deck intersections that are flat help to eliminate trip hazards. The Sprint scaffold is .75 or 1.09 meters wide and comes in five bay lengths, from .75 to 3 meters.” ~https://www.wconline.com/articles/84515-fast-installation-scaffolding-unit-by-patent-construction-systems

Services Used




Application Type

Supported Scaffold


Austin, Texas


F.L. Crane

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